What is moldavite?

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a rare green stone from the Earth.

Moldavite is not a birthstone. You will not find moldavite in any birthstone chart. It is not even a semi-precious or precious stone. It would be classified as an exotic gemstone and falls into the category of mineral specimens for scientific purposes.

Moldavite is rarer than diamonds, pearls and rubies because it cannot be mined from the Earth as these other stones can. Moldavite is found only in one place on Earth, the Czech Republic. This gemstone's extraterrestrial impact was so powerful that pieces could be found as far away as Poland and Germany!

The most famous source for moldavite is the Bohemian Plateau, located in the Czech Republic. Here you will find evidence of an ancient meteor impact with pieces of moldavite scattered across its surface.

Moldavite was formed from a meteor that hit Earth around 15 million years ago.

Moldavite is the soul stone of all other stones. It is a fusion of tektites and extraterrestrial rocks, the rarest on Earth. Because of its scarcity—it is currently not found anywhere but in one place, the Czech Republic—it has been used for jewellery, art and adornment for thousands of years.

Moldavite was formed by a meteor crashing into Earth around 15 million years ago. And it didn't just crash... it exploded! There are actually three distinct groups of moldavite: "splash" moldavite (the most common), "stream" moldavite, and "regolith" moldavite (the rarest). Splash moldavites are exactly what they sound like—they were created from molten rock that splashed miles away from the meteor's impact crater. Stream moldavites were formed when melted rock flowed through channels or rivulets near the crater site and cooled quickly. And regolith moldavites were created when superheated rock melted ground nearby to form glassy layers that closely resemble volcanic glass (Obsidian).

A Moldavite necklace symbolizes protection and good luck for the wearer.

Wearing a moldavite necklace can be an essential part of your everyday ritual. It's believed to keep you safe from harm and bad vibes. As a stone that helps with communication and uttering the honest truth, it will be there for you during difficult conversations with loved ones and at work.

As a talisman, it is believed to bring good luck to the wearer by helping them achieve their goals. This could mean getting into college or landing your dream job. As moldavite also has healing properties, wearing it as jewellery is said to help your body heal from anything from a common cold to cancer.

The stone's most popular use is in love rituals and has been used as such since ancient times. Wearing a piece of jewellery containing moldavite is believed to heighten your senses, attracting more opportunities into your life and enhancing the ability to find true love, or even reconnect with old lovers who weren't right for you when you first met them but are now!

Moldavite is an energy amplifier, helping to increase the wearer's ability to manifest desires.

Moldavite is an energy amplifier, helping to increase the wearer's ability to manifest desires. Energy is made up of a combination of our thoughts and feelings, and when we are able to be in alignment with what we want, our energy becomes more magnetic. When you wear moldavite, your vibration gets a boost, which helps you attract what you want into your life.

This means that it may help you in the following ways:

  • Manifesting healthy relationships
  • Manifesting better health
  • Manifesting more abundance or wealth

Moldavite naturally occurs in teardrop shape, but there are other cut shapes available as well.

The most common shape of moldavite is teardrop; however, there are other cut shapes available.

What different shapes of moldavite are there?

Moldavite can be cut into any shape, but the most common cuts are teardrop, heart, oval and round.

Faceted Moldavite jewellery is rare because the rough material does not lend well to faceting. The majority of faceted pieces have been created using fragments from larger pieces. Moldavites from Zatacka and Nove Visky contain a lot more gas bubbles than those from Chlum and Stríbro, which gives them a lower quality appearance when cut into facets, thus further reducing their value.*

Moldavite is connected with the heart chakra and stimulates peace, love and harmony in your life.

Moldavite is a heart chakra stone, and that is why it's most often described as bringing peace, love, and harmony into your life. When you are going through a difficult situation, the last thing you want to feel is more negativity. Moldavite can help you to get to the root of what causes your struggles in life, helping you eliminate them for good so that you can live a stress-free life with less drama. If you have been having trouble concentrating on things lately or if your mind has been wandering from one task to another without ever really completing anything, this crystal can help you focus. It will give your third eye chakra the boost required to concentrate on the task at hand, making sure that you are finally able to get things done! If a new relationship has come into your life recently, but there seems to be something missing between both of you that neither of which seems able or willing to put their finger on; moldavite can help fill in those gaps by opening up communication lines between both parties, so they understand each other better than ever before!

The color of moldavite can range from light emerald green to olive green color. Darker green stones are usually imitations made of glass.

The color of moldavite can range from light emerald green to olive green color. Darker green stones are usually imitations made of glass. When I first got interested in moldavite, I found it difficult to find information about the various shades of moldavite and whether or not they were genuine. However, now there is much more information available than before on the internet.

The best way to clean your moldavite is by using a damp cloth or soaking it for about 30 minutes in water with sea salt or baking soda.

When it comes to cleaning your moldavite, the best approach is a gentle one. If there's no dirt or residue on your stone – and you aren't trying to remove any of the natural patina – then just wiping down with a soft cloth should be sufficient. Never use any kind of soap or harsh chemicals on your moldavite!

If you feel that deeper cleaning is necessary, or if you want to restore some of the shine back to your stone, try this simple method:

  • Put a small amount of baking soda or sea salt into a glass bowl full enough for the moldavite to be completely submerged
  • Add tepid water and stir until all granules have dissolved
  • Soak the moldavite in solution for 30 minutes at most and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush
  • Rinse thoroughly under running water, then leave out in the open air to dry

The best way to charge your moldavite is by leaving it under natural moonlight for at least 4 hours per month.

As with most crystals, the best way to charge your moldavite is by leaving it under natural moonlight for at least 4 hours per month. The full moon has the most potent energies, but even if you can't do this on a regular basis, you really should not leave your stone uncharged for much longer than 30 days. Also important is that moldavite is charged with lunar light rather than solar light. It's important to keep in mind that charging and cleaning aren't the same things; many practitioners like to do them both at once. If you're going to cleanse your moldavite through a process like burying it in dirt or rinsing it under running water, then you should follow that up by charging it beneath moonlight shortly afterwards.

Moldavite can have several amazing benefits for the wearer.

The first amazing thing about moldavite is its high vibration. This can have several different benefits for the wearer. It is a powerful aid in emotional healing, and it can help to manifest your desires, but it also offers some protection against negative energies.

Moldavite can be used to help people to balance and align their chakras. Moldavite stone has the power to stimulate both the heart and third eye chakra, which allows you to more easily open your psychic abilities.

This stone can also be used to cleanse other crystals as well as itself because it does not hold onto negative energy. Finally, moldavite can help you overcome feelings of low self-esteem by connecting you with your higher self and helping you see yourself through an unbiased point of view that will make you feel more confident in yourself and your own abilities!

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